Company Activities

  1. Distributor :


    Cable accessories for  LV / MV / HV Jointing, Termination, Ferrules and Lugs.


    Separable Connectors & Moulded Epoxy Insulated Bushings


    Instrument Transformers (CT & VT) Class 0,2S & 0,5.


    Relay Protection & Control for Power Generation and Distribution

  2. Trading :
    Sales and marketing of above products and other products represented by company for domestic area or even for export market business area. Uniamp products have been widely used by several different customers i.e.: Indonesian State Owned Company Utility (PLN), Industrial, High rise building, Contractor, Telecommunication, Mining, Oil and Gas.
  3. Services :
    Provide best customer services by helping them to select the right product needed, providing training session, fields supervision and direct installation by Uniamp professional Engineer which will be provide guarantee.

    Supervision & Installation for Cable Joint & Termination:

    Field supervision and direct installation by Uniamp professional jointer which will be provide 5 years guarantee with GPS spot plot on each installation.


    Infra Red Thermo graphic Imaging can detect surface temperature for determine hot spots which can be predicted will caused a system failure.